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Mini Cookies Zero

Enjoy your favourite Mini Cookies now WITHOUT SUGAR! These bitesize  delights continue to be hidden in small bags  to share sweeter moments without   guilt! Ideal snack for all hours, suitable for those who care about their diet. Available in two flavours: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Butterfly Cookies with butter flavour.

Mini Cookies

For the first time, a huge treat is hidden in such a small cookie. The newest trend of the season is here as the sweetest temptation of Frou Frou Mini Cookies has arrived from space to satisfy the tastes of both the children and adults! Packed in practical bags for all hours, we enjoy the new Mini Cookies in four flavours: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, Happy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Butterfly Butter Cookies.

Jelly Watermelon

Dive into the most refreshing  treat, now done in the best possible way. Watermelon Jelly is our new  addition that  will become your favorite companion not only when battling those hot summer days but will also become a joyous note during the cold winters. Our Watermelon Jelly enriches the Mon Ami family and stands out most innovatively since now the  staple fruit of the Cypriot people can be enjoyed in our delicious and refreshing jellies.

Press Releases

New Family of Mini Cookies by Frou Frou. New campaign from DDB Cyprus

With an inspiration to condense sweetness and pleasure into small treats using cookie-magic, Frou Frou created a “universe” of Mini Cookies in 4 Star Tastes. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, Happy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Butterfly Cookies with Butter Flavour. Sealed in practical and stylishly designed packaging, the cookies are delivered fluffy and fresh in supermarkets and mini markets near you.

DDB Cyprus, highlighting the character of the new Mini Cookies, designed the “Mini… but huge” slogan campaign. In a TV spot – over-the-top with a sci-fi plot, we can see the human species come into contact with new interstellar power, that of sweet enjoyment! … Continued on your TV screens.

FROU FROU constantly invests in the specialization of human resources

The Frou Frou group, having one of the largest production units in the country, has a constant focus on the development and success of continuous education and training of staff.

Leading the way in the delicate food production sector in Cyprus, the company’s management never ceases to invest in both advanced technology and human resources specialization to ensure the highest quality of products that the Cypriot consumer loves and supports over time.

As part of this practice, production staff attended an interactive seminar organized by the Cyprus Productivity Centre on the premises of the FROU FROU plant.

The program covered key areas such as quality, productivity, safety, hygiene, and productive behavior. Quality assurance and foreign matter samples were used throughout the training.

FROU FROU Group's Bio Green Life Organic Bread wins IN Business Retail Awards

The FROU FROU Group of Companies never ceases to utilize the most of its stock of know-how, the experience of its executives and the vision for innovative products that serve the needs of the Cypriot consumer with superb quality.

The everlasting commitment to this goal has been recognized by the trade community and has been awarded through the development of the Bio Green Life Wheat, Rye, Wholemeal and Multigrain bread.

It is a family of products that combine traditional baking with the recipes of our ancestors. They are made using organic raw materials, with many nutrients, without any chemical additives, offering a unique Mediterranean flavor. They are concealed within a double package which ensures their freshness, from the first to the last slice.

Handy Cyprus Potato Chips launch two new Cypriot flavours: Souvla and Lountza with coriander

The company Handy Snacks that belongs to the Frou Frou Group of Companies, over the past 7 years manufactures Handy Cyprus Potato Chips with dedication to quality and passion for creating products that satisfy the taste preferences of Cypriot consumers, with ingredients sourced locally.


Handy Cyprus Potato Chips are manufactured today using upgraded quality parameters, always from fresh, carefully picked Cypriot potatoes and with state-of-the-art production processes that guarantee a top product, 100% Cypriot.


Acknowledging the public’s love for local products and traditions, Handy Snacks has created two new, much-loved, “classic” flavors, Souvla and Lountza with coriander. A delicious freshly crunched duo that will accompany many flavourful moments. They can be enjoyed with a drink, with a soft drink, with food or as a snack, with friends or as a companion while watching your favorite movie.


H εταιρεία HANDY SNACKS LTD έτυχε χρηματοδότησης στα πλαίσια του Καθεστώτος 4.2 του Προγράμματος Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης 2014 – 2020 για Εκσυγχρονισμό Μονάδας Παραγωγής Τσιπς (πατατάκια).

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