For years, MON AMI’s beloved jellies have been the most refreshing and tasty solution for all hours of the day. Make your ideal selection through a wide range of our delicious flavors – cherry, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, greenage, banana and blackcurrant. Create and experiment with smart and easy recipes that will delight and amaze you and your family.

Ideal to serve at birthdays and for any friendly gathering. Try adding some fresh or dry fruits for extra flavor. All Mon Ami jelly crystals come in 150g boxes.


Jelly Cherry 150g | Jelly Strawberry 150g | Jelly Orange 150g | Jelly Lemon 150g | Jelly Greengage 150g | Jelly Banana 150g | Jelly Blackcurrant 150g
Jelly Raspberry 150g | Jelly Watermelon 150g