Σχετικά με εμάς

The Company


To offer to our customers the best products in the market at affordable prices, so that the loyal consumers we make will be increasing over time.


To become one of the most successful food and snack manufacturers in the European Union, with products that stand out for their high quality and delicious flavour, fully satisfying our customers and consumers.

Quality Policy Statement​

We owe our existence to our customers; we attribute our success and market leadership to the dedication we have of offering the best. High standards of quality have always been – and always will be – the core of our philosophy: high quality for our products, high quality for our service, high quality for our organization. This is a contract and an irrevocable commitment to all our customers and business associates.

In all our future endeavors, we will continue to seek new higher standards to focus upon and adapt, as improvement is quite dynamic and there are endless possibilities for betterment.

This quality orientation has been the cornerstone for our successful foundation and will become our legacy to keep us ahead from the crowd in the future generations to come. Here in FROU FROU, high quality is similar to religion. By analogy, mediocrity is equivalent to sin. The Company’s Quality Management System is based on the ISO 22000:2005 Quality System Standard and all employees are expected to adhere to it at all times.