Due Diligence Rolandos Enterprises Publi

November 11, 2015

ALKIS H. HADJIKYRIAKOS (FROU-FROU BISCUITS) PUBLIC LTD and FROU-FROU INVESTMENTS LTD, together with Michalis (Alkis) H. Hadjikyriakos, in their capacity as minority shareholders of ROLANDOS ENTERPRISES PUBLIC LTD, have filed today 11/11/2015 at the Nicosia District Court, an application against ROLANDOS ENTERPRISES PUBLIC LTD, requesting, inter alia, the issue of a court order for the appointment of an Inspector for the conduct of a due diligence study, in order to examine in depth and in detail the affairs, accounts and financial data of ROLANDOS ENTERPRISES PUBLIC LTD and of all its subsidiaries for the period 2000-2015.