The festive season that fills our hearts with joy and love is upon us!

Frou Frou, in turn, offers its high-end Christmas chocolate biscuits and ‘takes us on a magical journey full of Christmas dreams’

The cacao biscuits with a vanilla cream filling and coated with our delicious Frou Frou chocolate, stand out and impress through their beautifully coloured packaging. 

The Christmas biscuits are named ‘Christmas Fare’ and are the ideal treat you can get for your Christmas getaways.

Share them with your friends and keep the beautifully coloured packages to decorate every corner of your home, making it easier for you to get into the Christmas spirit.

They are available in 4 Christmas themed packages of 150g.


Christmas Fare Red 150g | Christmas Fare Blue 150g | Christmas Fare Yellow 150g | Christmas Fare Green 150g