Our most popular snack, widely known as “Gourounitsa”. The cereal grains are flower shaped, fried and flavoured with either our smokey bacon flavour or our delicious prawn flavour. Skips have become household favorites due to their “melt in your mouth” texture and amazing flavour.

Skips Bacon are packed in 65g and 130g bags and a 10-pack of 45g bags. For parties (or for those who can’t stop munching), we have released an even bigger Party Skips Bacon 200g bag.

Skips Prawn are packed in 65g bags and a 10-pack of 45g bags.

Skips Bacon 65g | Skips Bacon 130g | Skips Bacon 450g (10 x 45g) | Skips Party Bacon 200g | Skips Prawn 65g | Skips Prawn 450g (10 x 45g)