Product description

Chips made with fresh, thinly sliced and perfectly fried potatoes and available in three different flavours: Salt, Salt & Vinegar, and Prawn.

Handy Snacks chips are perfect for snacking and to serve in parties. The multipacks are perfect for those who want a snack on the go.

Chips Salt are available in 90g, 180g bags and a 10-pack of 45g bags.

Chips Salt & Vinegar are available in 90g bags and a 10-pack of 45g bags.

Chips Prawn are available in 90g bags.

Chips Packaging

Chips Salt 90g

Chips Salt 180g

Chips Salt 450g (10x45g)

Chips Salt & Vinegar 90g

Chips Salt & Vinegar 450g (10x45g)

Chips Prawn 90g