Product description

Who doesn’t love a thin, soft, melts in your mouth wafer? Enjoy are rectangularly cut wafers that are sandwiched with four different flavours of our beloved buttercreams: praline, chocolate, strawberry and orange. These delicious wafers are your first choice to treat your friends on those hot summer days.

All four flavours are wrapped and sold in packs of 110g.

Our delicious praline and chocolate flavours are also available in smaller cube forms and are packed in 200g bags, perfect for munching. The Enjoy chocolate Zer0% cubes delivers the same delicious experience, but with less sugar and less calories, packed in 125g bags.

Explore our different varieties below.

Enjoy Packaging

Enjoy Chocolate 110g

Enjoy Praline 110g

Enjoy Strawberry 110g

Enjoy Orange 110g