• 1964

It's 1964. The brothers Haris M. Hadjikyriacos (left) and George M. Hadjikyriacos (right) decide to establish a cooperation for the manufacture of biscuits under the name "Hadjikyriacos Biscuit Industries".


The First Biscuits

  • 1965

Commencement of production of the first biscuit factory in Cyprus, under the trade name "FROU FROU", located in the manufacturing sector of Engomi, Nicosia. 

The First Morning Coffee

  • 1967

The brothers begin production of the first Morning Coffee biscuits, the most popular biscuit in Cyprus to this day.


Plant Expansion

  • 1969

Due to increasing demand, the brothers decide to expand the factory and invest in new machines. The plant is expanded successfully to accommodate the installation of the first large continuous "Hecrona" biscuit line from Germany and automatic packing machines. This improves efficiency and increases output.   

  • 1974

Turkish Invasion

The war affects the Company’s operations in occupied Famagusta and the Turkish Cypriot community. It also interrupted the operations of the "Galanos biscuit industry", a major competitor at the time.


Second Biscuit Line

  • 1980

Purchase of a second biscuit line, a large German continuous "Werner & Pfleiderer" machine. 

  • 1983

2nd Generation & Separation


The second generation of the family, Alkis H. Hadjikyriacos who is the son of Haris M. Hadjikyriacos, assumes office.

Following this, the two families decide to terminate their co-operation. The business is completely bought by Haris and his son, Alkis. 


  • 1984

New Company Name


The company name is changed to Alkis H. Hadjikyriacos (Frou Frou Biscuits) Ltd.

  • 1985

Imports Division


Commencement for the development of a Company Imports Division. 


Production Automation

  • 1985

Commencement of intensive production automation in light of accession to the European Union.

Advertising Campaigns

  • 1985

Commencement of vigorous ad campaigns to address new competitors.


Exports Division

  • 1986

Intensification of export efforts on biscuits with corresponding growth in exports for the Company.


  • 1993

Exclusive representation for the import, marketing and distribution of Cadbury International, England. The photograph depicts Alkis H. Hadjikyriacos holding a Cadbury Fruit & Nut box from the first shipment of Cadbury chocolates in Cyprus.


Spinneys, Cyprus

  • 1997

Signing agreement to acquire Spinney's Cyprus Ltd, a distributor of international brands.

  • 1998

ISO 9001


Acquisition of ISO 9001 for the production and packaging of biscuits, an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system.


Choco Morning Coffee

  • 1999

Launch of the new "Choco Morning Coffee" product, a chocolate coated Morning Coffee biscuit. 

New Distribution Center

  • 2000

Commencement for the construction of the new distribution center in Kokkinotrimithia, to expand the company's operations, logistics and distribution.


Joker & Creamers

  • 2001

The company launches a new series of cream filled biscuits, "Creamers" in four delicious flavours.

The company also launches the now popular chocolate coated cream biscuit "Joker".

Golden Choice

  • 2002

Founding and commencement of production for the first breakfast cereal factory in Cyprus under the brand name "Golden Choice" in Egkomi, Nicosia.


Partnership with Bolton, Italy

  • 2002

Beginning of our partnership with the "Bolton Group" controller of popular brands such as Rio Mare and Neutro Roberts. 

  • 2003



First phase of expansion of the new distribution center in Kokkinotrimithia.


  • 2003

Cyprus Olympic Committee


Golden Choice cereals becomes the Grand Sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee. 

  • 2004

European Union


Cyprus accession into the European Union resulting in the zeroing of import duties.


New Plant

  • 2005

Commencement of construction of a new manufacturing plant in Kokkinotrimithia, next to the new Distribution center.

  • 2005



Ensure Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification for all activities, which is  an international system for reducing risks of safety hazards in foods.


Enjoy Wafers

  • 2005

The company invests in a new wafer line and launches a new series of wafers called "Enjoy", which are available in four delicious flavours, Pralina, Chocolate, Strawberry and Orange.

  • 2006

Portfolio Restructuring


Restructuring of the Group's investment portfolio.


Frou Frou Rusks

  • 2006

The company decides to enter a new market through the development and launch of new Frou Frou Wheat and Rye rusks.

Special Zer0%

  • 2006

Launch of the new groundbreaking Golden Choice Special Zer0% cereals with no added sugars and no fat.


Factory Relocation

  • 2007

Relocation of the old factory located in the industrial area in Engomi, to the new one in the industrial area in Kokkinotrimithia. Following relocation, the company immediately commences production for biscuits and breakfast cereals at the new factory.

Handy Snacks Ltd.

  • 2010

Expansion of the group's brand portfolio through an agreement to buy Handy Snacks Ltd, a Cypriot based company mainly specializing in the manufacturing of potato chips and extruded and expanded snacks.


  • 2010

Investment Portfolio


Frou Frou Investments (FFI) decides to enrich its investment portfolio through investments in blue-chip American companies on the New York Stock Exchange.

Paphos Expansion

  • 2011

Expansion of the Group's warehouse buildings in the province of Paphos to service the Paphos and Mountain regions of Cyprus.


Mon Ami

  • 2013

Acquisition of the Mon Ami brand by Euryka, specializing in the production of jellies, desserts and creams. Mon Ami now operates under Handy Snacks Ltd. 

Company Anniversary

  • 2015

Historical anniversary for the first 50 years since the company's initial manufacturing operation, from 1965 to 2015. To celebrate this, the company launches a Limited Edition Retro Anniversary Tin filled with butter biscuits. 


Bakandy's Industry

  • 2015

Acquisition of Bakandy's Indusrty, a Cypriot based company (and competitor at the time) specializing in the production of rusks, chocolates and biscuits. Today, Bakandy's operates under Handy Snacks Ltd.

Elafrokoutalies Development

  • 2016

Commencement of production of the new ready-made refrigerated dessert unit Mon Ami "Elafokoutalies" and trial launch of the first products.


  • 2016

Passing of Haris M. Hadjikyriacos


The Honorary President and Founder of the Society, Mr. Haris M. Hadjikyriacos, has passed away.

Elafrokoutalies Full Launch

  • 2016

Full launch of ready-made desserts by Mon Ami, branded as “Elafrokoutalies”. 



  • 2017

Installation photovoltaic panels to reduce energy costs and protect the environment. 

Factory Expansion

  • 2018

Commencement of factory expansion works to relocate Bakandy's industry and to assemble all our production activities.


Bio Greenlife

  • 2018

Production, certification and launch of new BioGreenlife organic wheat, wholewheat, rye and multigrain breads.

  • 2018

Machine Upgrading


Refurbishment and upgrading of machines for production of the Mon Ami desserts.

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