Our People

The Frou Frou Group believes in ensuring and safeguarding an efficient and effective use of its human resources.

The Company’s goal is to hire people with passion, talent, thirst for great aspirations, inventiveness, team spirit, with or without experience in various departments that will not only help the Company grow and evolve but also help themselves in an environment with frequent changes.

To date, the Company has over 200 employees.


Equal Employment Opportunities

The Group provides equal employment opportunities to all our employees, irrespective of religion, color, gender or experience. The Company consists of several departments offering opportunities based on (depending on) the qualifications of the employee concerned.


We constantly train our people to acquire and utilize the knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve not only the Company’s goals but also their own personal goals.


Health and Safety

We take health and safety into the workplace, whether it is directly related to the factory or the offices, so we offer special training and we take the necessary measures for each sector.