Green Dot

The Frou Frou Group of Companies in collaboration with Green Dot Cyprus, which is the first licensed packaging and waste packaging collection management system in Cyprus, are collaborating in the implementation of a wastewater treatment plant to reduce waste.




Since early 2017, the Group is contributing to the environment in saving energy by developing and applying a photovoltaic system that provides our facilities with electricity from solar radiation. Since its application, the company has saved more than 30% of its energy, a number which is expected to grow over the coming years.

Bio Treatment Plant

Our Company has installed a Bio Treatment Plant for the treatment of wastewater from production processes and various sanitation facilities. Initially, the treatment generates biogas, which is used for heating purposes of the anaerobic reactors themselves. This brings about an extra cost to the total electricity consumption and the chemicals required for proper operation. The aim of this action is to process treated water for purposes of irrigation of our facilities, but also for fire-fighting purposes.


Red Cross Cyprus

The Group contributes dynamically to the needs of philanthropy. Specifically, in July 2018, following a meeting with the Company executives, they decided to contribute through the Red Cross for the fire victims of Attica, following the fire that broke out in July of that year.




For over a decade, the Group has been recycling all of its plastic and cardboard. The waste is collected by an authorised waste collector and is taken to be recycled.

Furthermore, any food product waste material remaining from our production operations, is collected by farmers to use as pig feed. 

Food Safety Issues and Company Policy

Alkis H. Hadjikyriacos [ Frou Frou Biscuits ] Public Ltd. and Handy Snacks Ltd. are both accredited to ISO 22000:2005. Our company has a defined policy that all our raw materials are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and are certified accordingly. This is a requirement requested for approval from all of our suppliers and certificates are sent to us as verification.

In regards to the following food safety issues such as Free Fatty Acids, Hydrogenated fats, Palm Oil, and Artificial colours and flavours, the company has progressed substantially in minimizing and controlling their use in our food and snack recipes. For example, we are currently sourcing from suppliers that are members of the RSPO (Roundtable sustainable palm oil), working towards completely substituting Palm oil fats with sustainable alternatives.


Organic Products


In 2015, the acquisition of Bakandys and its subsidiary Bio Greenlife – which specializes in the production of organic foods – meant that the company had to take the appropriate measures to facilitate and distinguish the processes, conditions and materials used to manufacture organic foods.

Today, the company is BIO certified for the trading, manufacture and repacking of organic products.