Crisp Bites – Cretan Recipe

Product description

Bakandy’s Cretan recipe crisp bites are types of bite size rusks originating from the island of Crete in Greece. Your ideal afternoon snack, the two varieties of crisp bites are made with two different ingredients, corn and barley. Barley as a main ingredient has a lot of health benefits such as being low in fat and calories and high in dietary fiber.

All our rusks have high nutritional value. Depending on their ingredients, they offer a variety of nutrients. Bakandy’s Cretan recipe Crisp bites are a good source of dietary fiber and rich in nutrients.

They are both available in 300g bags.

Crisp Bites – Cretan Recipe Packaging

Crisp Bites Barley 300g

Crisp Bites Corn 300g