Product description

For decades, Bakandys has been successful at combining Cypriot tradition and exceptional quality in all of its rusks and toasts. It is with this at heart that we have achieved to create Bakandys Tragandata crisp rolls.

Our five unique crisp roll flavours of wheat, wholewheat, fragrant, barley and rye encompass the history and tradition of Cyprus with their freshness and distinct aromas and flavours. 

Using traditional Cypriot recipes and fermented with our home-made sourdough, our Bake Masters ensure that Bakandys Traganata are freshly baked on a daily basis and are of exceptional quality before being sent to the market for our consumers to enjoy. 

All Traganata crisp rolls are low in saturated fat, a source of protein and contain no added sugar. Based on the Mediterranean diet, it’s an ideal snack for any time of the day and a perfect companion to our favorite beverage. You can even get more creative and use them in salads, soups and other recipes.  

Bakandys Traganta are packed in bags of 300g. Explore our different varieties below.

Traganata Packaging

Tragnata wheat 300g

Tragnata wholewheat 300g

Tragnata fragrant 300g

Tragnata barley 300g

Tragnata rye 300g