New Family of Mini Cookies by Frou Frou. New campaign from DDB Cyprus

March 4, 2021

With an inspiration to condense sweetness and pleasure into small treats using cookie-magic, Frou Frou created a “universe” of Mini Cookies in 4 Star Tastes. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, Happy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Butterfly Cookies with Butter Flavour. Sealed in practical and stylishly designed packaging, the cookies are delivered fluffy and fresh in supermarkets and mini markets near you.

DDB Cyprus, highlighting the character of the new Mini Cookies, designed the “Mini… but huge” slogan campaign. In a TV spot – over-the-top with a sci-fi plot, we can see the human species come into contact with new interstellar power, that of sweet enjoyment! … Continued on your TV screens.